Dave Farese has been Independently Directing/Producing/Writing viral comedy content for several years. His work with online personalities including Josh Peck, Curtis Lepore, Logan Paul, Piques, Amanda Cerny, Chanel West Coast, Brandon Rogers, Brittany Furlan, and many more has made a significant mark on the way internet content is being filmed and produced. The collective viewership on all the videos Dave has Produced and directed, is over a billion views and counting.

    Dave gained an affinity for film at an early age, and started a media production company in 2012, which brought him to reside in LA. He has studied under the popular music video director Jakob Owens, and perfected his craft of comedy content through the world of internet videos.

Recently, Dave has been focused on changing the way internet comedy content is perceived in Hollywood, by ramping up the production quality of social media influencer videos.

In November of 2015 he put out a video with Max jr. that received over 200 million views in two weeks on facebook. At that point he became the “it” director for high level social media influencers, and began working with the top vine, facebook, and youtube personalities. Almost all internet videos Directed and produced by Dave have hit millions of views.

Dave is looking forward to transitioning into feature film, and television, and putting his touch on bigger projects. Fans of “Workaholics” “Always Sunny” and Seth Rogen films, will love Dave’s style of comedic directing.